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Welcome to Sanctity Ferme, where we offer a collection of exquisite properties nestled in the heart of nature. Each property is thoughtfully designed to provide a unique and memorable experience, ensuring your stay with us is nothing short of extraordinary. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of our managed farmland and indulge in the comfort and beauty of our architectural wonders.

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2 Bedroom triangle shaped Farmhouse

Indulge in the unique charm of our beautiful A-frame property, Ecstasy. This 2-bedroom triangle-shaped house features its own natural swimming pool, an attic, a lawn, and a fish pond that will transport you back in time.

Escape to a modern sustainable home at Flintstone6, a 2-bed cottage with earthen debris walls inspired by the rocky hills of the Cauvery basin region. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the Flinstone6 family.

Experience the unique charm of an L-shaped house at Laze Daze. This 2-bedroom house exudes a traditional vibe and offers a fish pond and a balcony with breathtaking views of the mountains.

Close your eyes and let the gentle breeze transport you to the heavenly Serene Haven. Recently constructed, this 2-bedroom house boasts a lavish terrace with stunning views of the hills and a serene pond.

Embrace the simplicity and beauty of Orange Tulip, a 2 BHK house with a terrace and a charming pond, perfect for a relaxing stay amidst nature.

Prepare to be enchanted by the enchanting Bhudeep, an ideal choice for families seeking a private space on our farm. This 1 BHK house features an attic and a balcony.

Stay at our horse stable room and immerse yourself in adventurous activities such as horse riding, trekking, and cycling on our farm. Experience the perfect blend of homely vibes and stunning views.

Step out of your dreams and into the welcoming embrace of Dreams, a cozy abode with 4 bedrooms, a dormitory, and a chilling area for campfires and barbecues.

Experience the charm of our dormitory, situated near the entrance of the farm, which will transport you back to the fun-filled hostel life. The dormitory features 12 bunk beds.

Tent Stay in Farmland

For those eager to escape into nature, our exciting tent stays offer an immersive experience. Gaze at the stars, gather around a campfire, and let yourself blend into the natural surroundings at Sanctity Ferme.

other Properties at Sanctity Ferme


A lush tapestry of nature ,a house that is a serene retreat that seamlessly blends the comfort of modern living with tranquility of the great outdoors .A lotus pond that graces the landscape and surrounded by vibrant gardens and spacious veranda.

Organic Farmhouse

Go Organic Cottage

This charming property falls under the coveted cottage category.Inside, you'll find a cozy haven where classic and modern comforts seamlessly blend. The cottage's intimate living spaces are bathed in natural light, courtesy of the generous windows ,and modern amenities perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and a place to create lasting memories amidst nature's beauty.


A humble house exudes the beauty of simplicity and the charm of a well-tended landscape. This house, unpretentious in design yet rich in natural beauty, is a testament to the enchantment of a simple life in harmony with the land.

A cozy farmhouse nestled in a forest, featuring a small house with a wooden deck and a charming garden.


Simplicity merges with the abundance of nature, making this house a haven for mango enthusiasts and a place where the essence of the Alphonso trees becomes an integral part of daily life.

Red colour brick Farmhouse surrounded by trees


Here, in this humble abode, one finds solace and a front-row seat to the daily wonder of nature's awakening, making every morning a new beginning filled with hope and inspiration.The stone pathway leads you to a quaint wooden porch, a perfect vantage point for those early mornings when the world is bathed in soft hues of orange and pink.

Three Storey Farmhouse in the middle of dense forest


A serene woodland, this house is a masterpiece of architecture that resembles the delicate intricacy of a birdcage. This innovative design not only provides an intimate connection with the outdoors but also evokes a sense of harmony with the surrounding environment, making it a unique and inviting dwelling for those seeking a closer communion with nature.

Farmhouse for rent


Simplicity and the magic of sunsets.The house's strategic positioning provides an unobstructed view of this daily masterpiece.

Please note that the descriptions and prices provided above are subject to change. Click on each property to explore detailed information on individual pages.

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